What previous costumer say about The Guide

I’ll never forget my first night in Kribi: dinner by the ocean and a soiree by a bonfire on the beach with my friends. And that was the beginning of our little big adventure.



Fiona, Wales

After the coolest art exhibition and a fun night out in Kribi, it seemed almost natural to have an easy day picnicking by the waterfalls.


Sandra, Holland

I can’t remember the last time I came back from a vacation feeling so refreshed. The Guide’s tour package to Kribi is more like a cookbook for revitalizing yourself in the most enjoyable ways.



Jan Joost, Holland

The package The Kribienne is just amazing. Everything was perfectly organized so that we could enjoy the beauty of Kribi.



Martin Hahn, Austria

The simplest elements like beach and barbecue (I won’t talk about nights in the Jacuzzi) combined on an African coastline… now this is just how we’re supposed to live!



Franka, Holland

I spent my last weekend in Cameroon in Kribi. It was the nicest way to close my trip, because this place is a little paradise on earth. 
The Guide brought me Kribi, an Eco-friendly dream house on the border of the jungle where i heard animal sounds I’ve never heard before, beautiful silent beaches, the sun, gorgeous waterfalls, the best food ever and a super chilled atmosphere to relax my mind. 
Def coming back another time!!!

Jacqueline Kamminga

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