The Kribienne

         4-6 individuals + 3 nights + bonfire + art exhibition + waterfall picnic + barbecue             pdficon

The Kribienne is one of the finest long weekend getaways that Cameroon has to offer. Highlighted by the relaxing pleasures of water, the warmth of barbecue and bonfires and the culture of Kribi, it’s a package for families and friends alike.



Thursday   19:00 Oceanic Dinner
    21:00 Bonfire Soiree
Friday   19:00 Art Exhibition + Light Buffet
Saturday   11:00 Waterfall Picnic
    19:00 DIY Barbecue


$900 / €655

accommodation + specials

hammocks + swimming pool + jacuzzi + sauna + gym + games

We’ve selected one of the most comfortable guest accommodations that Kribi has to offer. Centrally positioned between town and the waterfalls with a host of facilities at your disposal, the hotel will be your home for an unforgettable weekend.



Waiting for you at your accommodation in Kribi will be The Guide’s Challenge Pack. This special package contains riddles, treasure hunts and physical challenges that will keep your stay in Kribi exciting. Unlock the challenge pack by registering for this tour package and win souvenirs and prizes all along the way.



 PassMasks  Upon arrival at your accommodation in Kribi you will receive a special PassMask. These ancient African artefacts endowed the holder with rights of passage in the past. In Kribi they will unlock a special location for you to visit at your convenience during your stay.

information pack

transportation + meals + safety


Transportation to and from Kribi is not covered in the package. Please contact us if you would like our assistance in arranging transport from your place of origin to Kribi. Also, any field trips or excursions beyond the itinerary is not covered in the package. A driver from The Guide will conduct pick-ups and drop-offs from and to the transport agency in Kribi.


All the events in the itinerary are associated with meals which are covered in the package. Only breakfast meals and lunch on Friday are not included in the package. We recommend exploring Kribi and putting your accommodation’s homely kitchenette to use for these meals. The DIY Barbecue includes chicken, fish and shrimp. Please contact us if changes to this menu would be preferred.


The national emergency number is 117 and there is a hospital near your accommodation that management will escort you to in case of any health emergencies. Please contact The Guide immediately at either 74 80 90 90 or 70 27 19 73 in case of any emergency incident.

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