Is the package price what I’m expected to pay as an individual?

Our tour packages are made for small to medium sized groups and the collective price covers the entire group. For example, the collective price of The Kribienne is $900 and this covers 4-6 individuals. Groups can divide and handle the price at their own convenience.

Does the group get a discount on packages that cover 4-6 individuals if there are only 4 members to the group?

Possibly, but this will be analyzed on a case-by-case basis and also depends on the tour package in question. Please contact us so we can address your particular situation.

Can tour packages only be implemented on the specific days as outlined in the itinerary? Can I choose the dates of my own visit?

For strategic and logistical purposes the days and times outlined in the itinerary have been carefully selected to ensure that you have the most pleasurable sojourn. However, we may sometimes be able to service exceptions. Please contact us so we can attempt to satisfy your needs.

What are we expected to do about transportation?

Traveling with friends and family should be a fun and intimate experience; this is why we’ve left transportation to and from destinations entirely in your hands. However we will receive you at designated pickup points in our areas of operation to take you to and from your accommodation. Nevertheless, if you would like The Guide to assist you in arranging transportation from your place of origin to and from tour destinations we are happy to do so freely.

I’m a vegetarian so what am I expected to do during the barbecue?

Thanks for letting us know in advance. We’ve prepared a special menu for you that will be available at your accommodation’s restaurant. Please make an inquiry from any of the waiters.

I’ve heard stories of location-based entertainment and challenges. What does it all mean?

Waiting for you at your accommodation is The Guide’s Challenge Pack. Traditionally this will consist of a riddle, a small treasure hunt and a physical challenge. The challenges may differ depending on the season. The challenge pack provides optional extra activities to keep your visit fun and exciting. Prizes will range from things like small souvenirs to free tours with The Guide.

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